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Fairview People Gone but Not Forgotten

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Sandoz Family of Fairview Oscar Sandoz lived on Dutch Village Road in Fairview, with his parents, George and Evelyn and his siblings. Today his house was where Ken’s Seafood is now located. The actual house

Plane Crash in Fairview, 1953

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Two airplanes, a Sea Fury and an Avenger, collided over Fairview with a deafening roar on April 9, 1953. Eyewitnesses told of seeing a blue and white flash as the planes came together. On that night,

The Peninsula Road and Blockhouses 1749-1761

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Peninsula Line of Defence was a chain of outposts on the isthmus separating the Halifax peninsula and the elevated mainland to the west. The colonial authorities erected three small stockade forts, where the soldiers were

Duc d’ Anville’s French Armada

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Duc d’ Anville’s Mighty French Armada sailed into the Bedford Basin in 1746 The loss of Louisburg filled the French with rage and a spirit of revenge. The lost town must be taken back; Annapolis Royal,

The Bedford Basin

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Bedford Basin is a large enclosed bay, forming the northwestern end of Halifax Harbour. The Basin measures 8 Kilometres long and 5 Kilometres wide. The Basin is very deep with some areas measuring several dozen

100 Bells Ring On The 100th Anniversary

On November 11, 2018 ,the Fairview Legion Branch 142, and Legions across the country marked the 100th anniversary of the end of “The Great War”. One hundred bells rang out in memory of those who sacrificed their lives to preserve

Through the Gates of Hell & Back

By: John O’Brien and Devonna Edwards This Book is a memoir written by and for infantrymen who bore the brunt of war. It chronicles the hardships of the footslogger struggling through the mud and cold, witnessing the torn flesh and