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Andrew Downs Zoological Gardens

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Zoo was located on Dutch Village Road, today known as Joseph Howe Drive. Andrew Downs was a naturalist, taxidermist and zoologist who established a zoo on his property in 1847. It began as a five-acre

Memories from Three Fairview Seniors

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Lorraine (Daine) Rozee I started school in the two room school house on Main Avenue. One night there was a fire caused by the door of the furnace room being left open and the school house

The Mi’kmaq (formerly known as Mic Mac) in the Fairview Area

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Mi’kmaq (formerly known as Mic Mac) in the Fairview Area. First Nation people, the Mi’kmaq, were the first to occupy the province of Nova Scotia. Charlie Phillips In the 1950s a Mi’kmaq by the name

Fairview People Gone but Not Forgotten

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Sandoz Family of Fairview Oscar Sandoz lived on Dutch Village Road in Fairview, with his parents, George and Evelyn and his siblings. Today his house was where Ken’s Seafood is now located. The actual house

Dairy Farms

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Dairies listed in the City Directory for 1909 in the Fairview and surrounding areas: Bert J. MacDonald – Main Avenue Fairview Henry (Harry) Deal – 247 Dutch Village Road in Fairview Peter Keddy – 22 Bayers

Fairview Youth Centre And The Fairview Phillies 1970

Submitted by Don Edwards Fairview Youth Centre It was a busy year for the youth of Fairview. The Fairview Legion Youth Centre was formed and through that centre the Fairview Phillies (Midget) Baseball Team was established as well. John O’Brien,

Earlier Schools in the Fairview and Surrounding Areas up to The Present Day

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Three Mile House School Without the aid received from the Colonial Church Society, a permanent school would not have functioned at Three Mile House School. The school had several grades and only one teacher to teach

The Halifax Municipal Airport – Also called the Chebucto Road Airport

Submitted by Devonna Edwards In the newspaper dated September 1928, it announced that the Bluehill Farm property was chosen for the site of the new Halifax Municipal Airport. The west-end site consisted of 60 acres, occupied by a number of

No. 6 District Depot (Chebucto Barracks)

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Depot opened in November 1941 on the northern section of the Municipal Airport Field which was then undeveloped land. Today that area is known as Saunders Park on Chebucto Road, extending to a point where

The Provincial Penitentiary

Submitted by Devonna Edwards It was located one-half mile from the city of Halifax, on fourteen acres of land overlooking the eastern shore of the North West Arm, close to Point Pleasant Park. Today that site would be on Inglewood