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Flooding of the Fairview Underpass – Today known as the Fairview Overpass

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Fairview Underpass and surrounding area endured many years of flooding. The Underpass formerly referred to as the Fairview Bottleneck was one of two entrance to and exit from the City of Halifax. A culvert diverted

The Fairview Post Office

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Fairview Post Office was located on the corner of Main Avenue and Titus Street. Today a KFC occupies the site. In 1931 Bert MacDonald’s family established and operated the Fairview Post Office. Lillian MacDonald was

The Deals From Fairview

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Deals were among the very first settlers who came to the Dutch Village (Fairview) in 1751. Dutch Village was originally called “Deutsch Village,” deutsch, was the German word for “German”- the quaint village built by

Gold in the Hills of Fairview

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Gold Fever strikes Halifax in earnest! “Gold in Halifax Suburbs” that was the headline in the Mail Star newspaper dated January 18, 1898. Alexander Taylor strikes it rich on Geizer’s Hill (Main Ave.) at the Dutch

Fairview Volunteer Firefighting Unit

Submitted by Devonna Edwards The Beginning: The Fairview Volunteer Firefighting Unit began in 1940 during the Second World War with the establishment of the Air Raid Patrol (A.R.P.) Men from Fairview volunteered to check houses in the area to make

W.D. Piercey Developer of “Dutch Village”

Submitted by Devonna Edwards William Drysdale Piercey was born in Dutch Village, Halifax County, Nova Scotia on June 9, 1877, son of Charles E. Piercey and Eleanor Jane Drysdale. His father, a dairy farmer, took him out of school at

Titus Smith Junior

Submitted by Devonna Edwards “The Dutch Village Philosopher” In order to tell the whole story about Titus Jr. I have to talk about his equally interesting father- Titus Smith Senior: Titus Smith Sr. was born at South Hadley, Massachusetts in

Duc d’ Anville’s French Armada

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Duc d’ Anville’s Mighty French Armada sailed into the Bedford Basin in 1746 The loss of Louisburg filled the French with rage and a spirit of revenge. The lost town must be taken back; Annapolis Royal,

Fairview Cove and Bert Cooper

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Fairview Cove was a beautiful place before the government railroad cut up the area for its tracks in the 1850s. The Cove remained a popular swimming spot before and after the railroad was built. Today a

The Railway and Fairview

Submitted by Devonna Edwards I grew up on McFatridge Road in Fairview, our house was located down in a gully, close to Dutch Village Road (Joseph Howe Drive today) and the railway tracks. The whistle of the trains lulled me