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The Halifax Explosion

Submitted by Devonna Edwards Article from “SAWBONES’ The Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917 and how the Sister of Charity from Mount St. Vincent Academy helped on that terrible day. Mount Saint Vincent is located in Rockingham on the Bedford Highway.

Through the Gates of Hell & Back

By: John O’Brien and Devonna Edwards This Book is a memoir written by and for infantrymen who bore the brunt of war. It chronicles the hardships of the footslogger struggling through the mud and cold, witnessing the torn flesh and

The Little Dutch Village

By: Devonna and Don Edwards The Little Dutch Village written by Devonna and Don Edwards. Dutch Village began as a humble eighteenth-century settlement, nothing more than a grassy trail and a few pioneer homes nestled along the west side of

Wartime Recipes from the Maritimes 1939-1945

By: Devonna Edwards Wartime Recipes from the Maritimes 1939-1945 In recent years, the role played by women during World War Two on the home front, particularly the industrial front, in factories, shipyards, and coal mines, has been receiving a lot

Sawbones By: Devonna Edwards

Devonna Edwards, author of “The Little Dutch Village” has penned another historical book. Her newest book “Sawbones” covers all hospitals and related institutions, for physical and mental health from the earliest hospital ship in 1749, to include all regular and