Fairview, a community in Halifax (HRM), Nova Scotia, is a unique and diversified community that has a strong dedicated group of individuals focused on preserving the past and promoting the future.
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Fairview Historical Society Presents
"Oak Island Unearthed"
By author John O'Brien Jr.

A talk and luncheon

Sunday March 5th, 1 PM, Fairview Legion, Hillcrest & Main

Cash Bar - Doors Open at 12

Sandwiches - Sweets - Hot Beverages

Tickets $10 Purchase At Legion Bar, Mon - Sat 2 -7 PM

More info call Don 902-456-0091

Books will be available for sale and signed by the author.

...Plus A Silent Auction

As an added feature there will be a silent auction
on the beautiful painting "3 Dories".
Donated by local talented artist Cathy Hubley.

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Featured eBooks

Memories Of The Deal Family

Researched by Wayne Kelly and written by V.C. Deal, this 66 page PDF eBook is a true narrative of memories was compiled as a true tribute to the late Stanley and Gwendoline Deal and dedicated to their many descendants.
Read It Here
Letter To Stanley Deal From Halifax Shipyards 1947

Letter written to Stanley Deal from the Halifax Shipyards in 1947 (PDF)....
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Featured Articles

“Willow” More Than Just a Tree!
Native American Traditions revere the Willow Tree as a symbol of strength and stability in old age and experience, as well as a symbol of deep inner knowledge and open-mindedness...
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Round Em Up, Move Em Out! Yee Haw!
Yes, if you are thinking cattle, you are correct, lots of cattle and right here in North End (Richmond) Halifax...
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Grand-Mere’s Acadian Christmas
My Grand-Mere Mary Jane Angelique Broussard was born in 1891 in Upper Pomquet, Antigonish County...
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A Time Of Remerbrance

The tragic story of the ‘Erg’ started at the Halifax Shipyard where it was built in 1915...
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Fairview Wins 2022 Brenton Cup In Quoits Tournament
In August of this year, the Historical Societies from Fairview, Rockingham, Bedford, Waverley and Sackville met at Historic Scott’s Manor House in Bedford for a Quoits Tournament.
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Memories of Old Time Halifax Covered Rinks
Prior to indoor rinks, ice skating and hockey were conducted on frozen ponds and lakes in the Halifax area...
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Briar Cottage and Briar Lane
At the end of a beautiful floral graced lane a grand old estate once stood. Sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale...
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Echoes of Long Lost Fairview Industries

Fairview became a centre of industrial activity in 1903 when many industries sprang up on the shores of Fairview Cove next to the railway....
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The Royal Naval Burying Ground also known as the Naval Cemetery, and the Battle of the HMS Shannon and the USS Chesapeake

In memory of seamen who were lost during the famous battle of the Shannon against the Chesapeake during the War of 1812...
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Popular Old Inns Taverns And Hotels
Various taverns and hotels that were popular and well used...
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Fairview Christmas Angels and the Angel Hair Tree

Growing up in the quaint little village of Fairview in the 1950s especially during the Christmas season, brings back precious memories....
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Simpson’s Never Tells Eaton’s Their Business!

The Simpson’s and Eaton’s Department Stores developed a friendly but competitive rivalry through the years of operation. Both department stores had...
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The Prohibition Era and Rum Running

The Temperance Movement brought about prohibition. Temperance members wanted to bring about the total abolishment of the “Evil Alcohol”. They believed...
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Dutch Village Omnibus Line

The Omnibus was a large, enclose wheeled vehicle that was horse powered. It was used for passenger transport before the introduction of motor vehicles...
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Thomas Garvey

Mount Olivet Cemetery can lay claim to having the oldest Canadian resident buried on its grounds....
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Relief Camp at Citadel Hill

The Canadian National Railways (C.N.R.) and the Canadian Pacific Railways (C.P.R.) hired “bulls”(brutal guards) to make sure the trains carried only paying customers...
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Three Special Fairview People

Read about three special Fairview people that made ther mark....
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Old Roads and Streets of Fairview
The history of the roads and streets in Fairview, past and present....
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Nova Scotia Cotton Factory and The Factory Girls That Worked There
The Nova Scotia Cotton Manufacturing Company was a cotton mill located on the corner of Kempt Road and Robie Street in Halifax....
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Fairview Legion Branch 142

The Fairview Legion is located on the corner of Hillcrest Street and Main Avenue. The idea to start a legion in Fairview all began in October of 1951 when...
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How Bayers Rd. Got It’s Name

In the Halifax City Directory 1912 to around 1934 it stated that Bayers Road commenced at Oxford Street and ran west to Dutch Village Road...
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Jones Hill

Located in Fairview, on Dutch Village Road (today that part of the road is renamed Joseph Howe Drive). Jones Hill was a large hill on property owned by...
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Monument To Unidentified Dead

On one of the mass graves of the unidentified dead, there is a monument. It is at the rear end of the Fairview Cemetery, close to Bayers Road...
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Wartime Rationing 1939-1945

A 1940s newspaper advertisement for War Saving Stamps depicts a housewife dishing up supper to her children. The youngsters smile with enthusiasm as the mother declares to the readers...
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Through The Gates Of Hell And Back

John O'Brien relates: "Our ship moved out to sea, behind the main convoy that carried our Regiment and others of the First Canadian Division. On the third day out the loud speaker announced we were on our way to attack Sicily"...
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Ashburn Golf Club

The course was played by Babe Ruth, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, U.S. President Bill Clinton, Gordie Howe and professionals...
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Andrew Downs Zoological Gardens

The Zoo was located on Dutch Village Road, today known as Joseph Howe Drive. Andrew Downs was a naturalist, taxidermist and zoologist who...
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Memories Of Three Fairview Seniors

The interesting lives of three Fairview seniors, Lorraine (Daine) Rozee, Ann (Veniotte) Tattrie, John Hurst...
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The Mi’kmaq (formerly known as Mic Mac) In The Fairview Area
Chief Lonecloud married seventeen year old Elizabeth Paul and they had four daughters and two sons. Lonecloud’s father Abram, joined the Union Army when the Civil War began...
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Fairview People Gone But Not Forgotten

“Oscar Sandoz did not do espionage”
There was a rumour among some people in the Fairview area, during World War Two, that...
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Dairy Farms

Dairies listed in the City Directory for 1909 in the Fairview and surrounding areas...
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Fairview Youth Center and Fairview Phillies Baseball

On Sundays between the hours of 1-5 p.m. the Legion Centre hosted an average of 70 youth members and...
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Old Churches Of Fairview

Read about the history of Fairview churches past and present...
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Earlier Schools in the Fairview and Surrounding Areas up to The Present Day

Many would have gone to, and are going to, this comprehensive history of Fairview schools past and present...
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Halifax Municipal Airport – Also Known As Chebucto Road Airport

In the newspaper dated September 1928, it announced that the Bluehill Farm property was chosen for the site of the new Halifax Municipal Airport...
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No 6 District Depot (Chebucto Barricks)
The Depot opened in November 1941 on the northern section of the Municipal Airport Field which was then undeveloped land. Today that area is known as...
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The Blue Caps Women’s Softball Team – Fairview 1930s

The Blue Caps Women’s Softball Team was composed of 15 year old Fairview girls. At home, they played on...
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The Provincial Penitentiary
It was located one-half mile from the city of Halifax, on fourteen acres of land overlooking the eastern shore of the North West Arm...
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Rockhead Prison – Also Known As City Prison

The prison was located one mile north of downtown Halifax, on a high hill above Africville and overlooking the Bedford Basin....
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Devlin’s Pond in Fairview and the Polio Epidemic in the early 1950s
Devlin’s Pond was located on Melrose Avenue; between Melrose Avenue and Sunnybrae Avenue in Fairview, just below Alex Street...

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The Old Tannery and Area
the old tanneryThe Old Tannery was located three miles from Halifax, on the Bedford Highway. A Rock Quarry occupied the site after the Tannery...Read More
Plane Crash In Fairview, 1953
Two airplanes, a Sea Fury and an Avenger, collided over Fairview with a deafening roar on April 9, 1953...
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Constable Charles Russell Fulton
Constable Charles Russell Fulton, was Halifax Police Department’s first police officer killed in the line of duty....
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St. Patrick’s Boys Home
Located on Mumford Road. The first St. Patrick’s Home for boys opened on October 2,1885 on the old Murphy homestead, known as...
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Geizer’s Hill or Geizer’s Mountain
geizers hill, fairview nova scotiaToday the areas location is described as the top of Main Avenue and Washmill Lake Drive. Years ago the lower part of Main Avenue was known as...
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Susie’s Lake and Quarry Lake
Many will remember hiking back to either of these lakes for a swim on a hot summer day. Years ago, before the Bi-Highway was built...

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Both Fairview Signs Now Up
The long awaited "Welcome to Historic Fairview" sign is now up by Shoppers Drug Mart on Dutch Village Road.

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Fairview Middlemore Home
Located in Fairview on the Bedford Highway. It was situated on a high hill next to the Rock Quarry (now a car dealership occupies the site).
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British Home Children Monument
Over 130,000 British Home Children were brought from England to Canada as Child Labour between the 1860’s and the 1940s.
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Flooding Of The Fairview Underpass

The Fairview Underpass and surrounding area endured many years of flooding. The Underpass formerly referred to as the Fairview Bottleneck was...
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The Fairview Post Office
The Fairview Post Office was located on the corner of Main Avenue and Titus Street. Today a KFC occupies the site. In 1931 Bert MacDonald’s family...
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Deals Of Fairview
The Deals were among the very first settlers who came to the Dutch Village (Fairview) in 1751. Dutch Village was originally called “Deutsch Village...
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Gold in the Hills of Fairview
Alexander Taylor strikes it rich on Geizer’s Hill (Main Ave.) at the Dutch Village (Fairview).

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Fairview Volunteer Fire Department
The Fairview Volunteer Firefighting Unit began in 1940 during the Second World War with the establishment of the Air Raid Patrol (A.R.P.)...
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Fairview Senior Volleyball
In June of 2016, the Fairview Aces Senior Volleyball Team of 1954-1965 was inaugurated to the Maritime Sports Hall of Fame....
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W. D. Piercey
William Drysdale Piercey was born in Dutch Village, Halifax County, Nova Scotia on June 9, 1877, son of Charles E. Piercey and Eleanor Jane Drysdale...
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Peninsula Road and Blockhouses
The Peninsula Line of Defence was a chain of outposts on the isthmus separating the Halifax peninsula and …
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Titus Smith Jr.
In order to tell the whole story about Titus Jr. I have to talk about his equally interesting father- Titus Smith Senior...
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Bayer’s Lake Mystery Walls
A dry-stone wall (no mortar was used in its construction) was discovered several years ago during an expansion of...
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Duc d’ Anville’s Armada

Duc d’ Anville’s Mighty French Armada sailed into the Bedford Basin in 1746 lookin for revenge of the loss of Louisburg.
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The Bedford Basin

The Bedford Basin, known for it's convoys, has seen explosions, log jams, even a number of sea monster sightings...
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Fairview Cove and Bert Cooper
Fairview Cove was a beautiful place before the government railroad cut up the area for its tracks in the 1850s. The Cove remained a popular swimming spot...
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The Railway and Fairview

The Railway played an important part in Fairview’s history not only visually but years ago, many people who lived there depended on it for their livelihood.
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Halifax Explosion

The Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917 and how the Sister of Charity from Mount St. Vincent Academy helped on that terrible day.
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Fairview Little League
In 1970 Little League Baseball made its debut in Fairview and it was a very exciting day for players, coaches and fans.
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