Fairview Historical Executive Committee

Board Executives

The Fairview Historical Society is a non profit community organization and is supported by dedicated volunteers.

This year’s elected board executives are:

President: Don Edwards

Vice President:Audrey Matheson

Secretary: Debbie MacKinnon

Treasurer: Judy Power

Membership: Denise and Peter Wolfe

As well these volunteers work closely with the board:

Archivist: Devonna Edwards
Archivist: Wayne Kelly
Member At Large: Danny Campbell
Member At Large: Donnie Poole
Member At Large: Angus Matheson
Member At Large/Web Site: Rupe Power

For a $5 annual fee you can join the Fairview Historical Society membership and help us support valuable projects that we have planned for the community. To pay simply etransfer $5 to archives@fairviewhistoricalsociety.ca
Thank you in advance