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British Home Children Monument

Submitted by Devonna Edwards

Located on Marginal Road by Pier 21 in Halifax.

The unveiling of the new monument happened on July 6, 2019. Over 130,000 British Home Children were brought from England to Canada as Child Labour between the 1860’s and the 1940s. These indentured children, some as young as 4 years old, worked as farm hands or as domestic servants in the growing Dominion of Canada. Many came to Nova Scotia via the Middlemore Homes and were dispersed throughout the whole province. We honour the contributions they and their descendants have made to Canada’s success and history.
The Government of Canada has declared Sept. 28th “British Home Child Day”

A huge “Thank You” to Gail Bennett and Catherine West for helping to make this monument possible.

One of the Middlemore Homes, Fairview Middlemore Home, was located on the Bedford Highway where the I Con Bay now stands.

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