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Furnace Repair

This is a free service for businesses with an address in Fairview, Halifax, NS. The Fairview Historical Society proudly supports our community. To get your free business ad please contact us at archives@fairviewhistoricalsociety.ca.

>> Iron Dog (Formally Metro Burner)

Address: 3556 Dutch Village Rd, Halifax NS

Call: 902-443-8870

Making Buildings Perform Better Reliable, versatile, hard-working experts. That’s what you get with Iron Dog at your side. Born and bred in Atlantic Canada, we’ve been providing superior mechanical systems services since 1971. From the most complex installations to late night emergency repairs, we love to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and accomplish the toughest jobs. What others believe undoable, we do – all to make buildings perform better. Why Iron Dog? Because we’re more than a burner services company. It was time for a change and it’s here. Metro Burner Services has officially become Iron Dog. We have a new look but the same superior service and great team of experts. Our new name and logo are inspired by the work we do, the environment it’s in and our willingness to get our hands dirty to accomplish the toughest jobs. We’ll continue to support our customers and ensure their mechanical systems work as efficiently as possible.

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