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Preventative Medicine

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>> Signature Health

Address:Saint Lawrence Place 3481 Dutch Village Rd., Unit 102, Halifax NS

Call: 902-444-6600

Whether you’re a busy executive, business professional, or an individual who leads a demanding lifestyle; being proactive with your health and well-being pays off not just for you but for all who depend on you. There’s a saying “We have nothing if we don’t have our health”, Let us help you. Signature Health is Atlantic Canada’s first and only preventative medical clinic. We offer a local approach to proactive and individualized healthcare.

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm, Saturday and Sunday (closed)

Motels (1)
Home Rentals (1)

Car/Truck Rentals (1)
Service Stations (1)

Body Care
Esthetics (3)
Tattoos (1)

Cell Phones
Repair & Sales (1)

Fairview Cemetery (1)

Cleaning Services
Home & Office (1)

Dining – Take Out
Chicken (2)
Chinese (2)
Coffee Shops (1)
Ethiopian Cuisine (1)
Fast Food – Ice Cream (1)
Filipino Cuisine (1)
Italian Cuisine (1)
Mediterranean Cuisine (1)
Mexican Cuisine (1)
Mid Eastern Cuisine (1)
Noodles (1)
Pasta (1)
Pizza (5)
Restaurants (1)
Subs (1)
Sushi (1)

Family Resource (1)
Pre School (1)
Schools (5)

Computers (2)

Family – Children
Day Care (2)

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