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Fairview Community Gathering

On Sunday Nov. 18, 2018, the Fairview Historical Society hosted a gathering of the community at the Fairview Legion. The well attended event was very informative and is just the beginning of a great resource for the community of Fairview.

The purpose of the event was to introduce our New Executive and to outline our goals and projects for the future. We had good feedback and interaction from a very receptive audience.

Legion Recognition

A special highlight was the presentation of two deserving awards. The first went to the Fairview Legion for their complete co-operation and support for allowing us to have a home base at the Legion and to present functions, such as dances and special events at their facility.


The award was presented by Don Edwards, President of the Fairview Historical Society to Murray Austin, President of the Fairview Legion who accepted on the Legion’s behalf. It was duly noted that Murray was personally instrumental in our dealings with the Fairview Legion and how much we appreciated his help.

Lifetime Award

The second award was given to long-time resident of Fairview and our Executive Member at Large, Donnie Poole. The award was a Lifetime Membership in the Fairview Historical Society and again was presented by FHS President Don Edwards.


Donnie’s resume of service and volunteering (beginning in 1956) not only to the Legion but to the community is impressive to say the least and we are proud to say he is one of ours.

Special presentation

Another special treat for the audience was a presentation by our Archivist Devonna Edwards. She spoke about the Deal family, one of the first family’s to settle in the Fairview area (at that time it was known as the Deutsch Village) in 1751.


The audience was captivated by Devonna as she spoke of their land grants, where their farms were located, who they were, how they survived and of their ancestors who still live in the area. In the near future Devonna will be putting that history and more on our site for all to see.

Another informative part of the afternoon was the introduction of our new website by our Computer, Set up Specialist and Gate Keeper Monitor, Robert (Rupe) Power. Rupe was able to relate to the audience in terms of how simple it is to walk through the site with ease. He has done a marvelous job and we thank him for doing so.

Our President Don Edwards related to the audience the purpose of the Society was to gather historical information and record it for future generations. He asked the members to be vigilant and to inform the Society of information such as recorded documents, memorabilia, photos and artifacts that could be useful to us please contact us.

We are pleased to inform the public that as a result of Sunday’s event, we now have 43 people on our mailing list and look forward to many more.

Our President thanked the members of the community for their attendance and invited everyone to enjoy some refreshments and treats and also to intermingle with the Society Executives and ask any questions they may have.

A membership table was set up for those who wished to join the Society. For only $5.00 they could secure a membership that would run currant to Jan. 1, 2020.

A good time was had by all!

More Pics Of The Gathering

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