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By: Rupe Power

One of my fondest memories as a kid was finding a pop bottle or getting one from the old man that he brought home from work. I would run over to the store to buy some candy, or if I had enough money, a comic or hockey cards.

There are still a few corner stores in Fairview but at one time there were a lot more stores, some more obscure than others.

Stores That Exist Today

The Hub

Located on the corner of Rufus Avenue and 3580 Dutch Village Rd, was probably the most well known because it was where you went to get those things that you couldn’t get at most corner stores like tubes for the TV. If the Tv was on the fritz, we looked in back to see what tube was not lit up, I would pull it out and off to the Hub to get a new one. Benny Katz was the owner and he would test the tube to see if it was still good or not. The Hub had neat stuff, shoes, clothes, etc., and was more like a little general store.
Super Mikes #1

Super Mike’s #1 on Central Avenue was once called “Dorians store” owned by Ron Charlton. It was where a lot of the boys would hang out and play pin ball in the back.


Super Mike got his name when he beat off some would be robbers. Shortly after there was an article in the paper from the Halifax Police that warned people not to be a Super Mike because they could be putting themselves in harms way. Everyone in Fairview knows him as Super Mike.

Super Mikes #2

Super Mike’s #2 located at 60 Rosedale Ave. Was at one time owned by a Cameron family from Antigonish and as well Nino’s who were Greek and had two sons Ricky and George. It was also owned by a gentleman named Danny Jacobson. If you know it contact me below.

The Bluenose is located on the corner of Titus and Evans. There has been a store here for many years.

Joes on Main avenue was originally Coutts store then Manuel’s store. Mr Manuel sold the store and moved to Dutch Village Rd where he operated a skate sharpening shop. I had my skates sharpened there many times, it was faster than waiting at the rink.

Stores That Once Were


Was located at 3461 Dutch Village Road, now occupied by The Children’s Garden, was another popular stop. At one time they had a gas pump out front. Devonna Edwards said that after mass at St. Lawrence on Sunday, like many other church goers, they would go to Henderson’s and get some treats.

Was located at 27 School Avenue and was one of the stores that many people who grew up Fairview knew little about. Peter Wolfe, who grew up at 21 School Ave, told me that they sold just abut anything you could find in any other store. As well he said they would get out the frying pan and cook hamburgers or hot dogs if you were hungry and had the money to pay for them.

Was located at the corner of Frederick Avenue and Dutch Village Road. George Veinotte built and opened the sore in the 1920s. The store burnt down but was rebuilt and eventually sold to B.A. Blakeney. The store burnt down a second time in 1944. An apartment building occupies the space where the store once stood.
Penny Store

Was located at 37 Frederick Avenue. Originally owned by Howard Murphy it started out as a penny store. Later it was sold to Nathan Kelly who opened a fish and chip store and later for many years it was a barber shop and later demolished.
Brown’s Store

Was located at 96 Rufus Ave. The Brown family lived above the store and we would frequent the store just about every day. It is now a private residence.
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Evan’s Store

Was located at 59 Coronation Avenue. It was later bought by Stan Myers. He and his family emigrated from Poland and lived above the store. This is where my life of crime started and finished all in ten minutes when Stan caught me stealing a bubble gum.
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Was located at 25 Convoy Avenue, just up from The Flat. It was a store, a pizza place and later a bakery.
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Was located at Flint Street. I remember being in there a couple of times as a teenager. The store was located in their front room.
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Corner Store

Was located at 11 and 11A are now on Birch Street. Don’t know the name of the store but it was later on and wasn’t there long.
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Honorable Mention

Even thought the following aren’t considered corner stores I had to mention them because we frequented them so often.

Mahers Grocery

Was located at 4 Birch Street. In 1940 the store was owned by Fred Hodder and sold to the Maher brothers Ron and Joe. It was known as Clover Farm Supermarket. After Joes death his son ralph helped manage the store for years. Before a store was built there was a lily pond on the site where kids would swim.
O’Brien’s Pharmacy

Was located at Dutch Village Rd, and the building still exists next to the Mexico Lindo Restaurant. John O’Brien was well known in the community. The pharmacy was a welcome addition to the community and we had many prescriptions filled in that pharmacy. John was also known for decorating his store window for every occasion, and being a veteran, especially on Remembrance Day.
The Snack Bar

Or as it was later known as “The Coffee Cup”. Located on Dutch Village Rd and owned by Peter Jackson and Tennison Cormier. It was very popular when we went to Halifax West in the 70s. The business was sold to Regina Peters who lived on Borden Street.
Macs Fish and Chips

Was located at 11 Birch Street. It was a favorite haunt for most of us guys back in high school. It was owned by Gregory McCarron, know as “Mac” to everyone in Fairview, great grandfather to Sidney Crosby. It was a popular spot with pool tables and pin ball machines. If the girls were looking for us they would wait outside until we came out.
Village Grocery

Was located on the corner of Dutch Village Rd. and Andrew Street. It was later known as Coulter’s store then Gus’s Pizza. The new “Ville Apartments” now occupies the site.

There’s More To This Story

There are gaps in the information above. If you have any information, or if there is any incorrect information and if you have any pictures, please use the form below to contact us.

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