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Suburban Hockey League

By: Don Edwards

The longest running hockey league in North America, The Suburban Hockey league, all started on Deal’s Pond in 1927. The pond was located behind the old Henderson’s store on Dutch Village Rd. and players from all over Halifax, Dartmouth and other areas would come to play. The competition became so popular that they decided to have a league that would allow all players from different areas of the city to play. Thus was born the Suburban Hockey League.

The league grew and the games where played in just about every rink in Halifax up until the late seventies. I remember going to games at the Centenial Arena and the place was packed with fans.

Below are some PDF files that give you a taste of the league starting in 1935 up to the 70s with lots of gaps. Just click on the link you want to view and the PDF will open for your reading pleasure.

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Featured Image

> Click to see a larger version of the feature image above, the Windsor junction Pirates 1930-31.

Suburban Hockey PDFs
> Newspaper Article: “A Tradition That Began 53 Years Ago On Deals’ Pond”
> Suburban Hockey League 1935
> Suburban Hockey League 1936
> Suburban Hockey League 1937
> Suburban Hockey Award Winners
> Suburban Hockey League (Large file, may take a minute to load)

Filling In The Gaps

There are gaps in the information contained in the PDFs below. If you have any information and especially pictures of the Fairview Aces and the Suburban Hockey League please contact us below in the form.

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