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“Bragging rights for a year!”

On August 10, 2023 on a beautiful day, at the well-groomed Scott Manor House grounds in Bedford the annual Quoit Championship competition took place once again.

Society’s competing were Waverley, Bedford, Rockingham and Fairview. The Coveted prize they were striving for was the Brenton Trophy which was first donated in 1923 by then County Warden Robert Brenton, making it the 100th year anniversary of this special event.

I am pleased to say that our Fairview Historical Society was the proud winner of the 100th anniversary Brenton Trophy. The closely fought match went down to the wire, resulting in a 21-19 win over Waverley.

Fairview Historical Society Championship team members are Angus Matheson, Audrey Matheson, Don Edwards, Devonna Edwards and Dan Campbell.

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